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Our proposed development of around twenty 1, 2 and 3 bedroom homes for affordable rent on the old High Street site in Hebden Bridge.

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We will be holding drop-in consultation sessions in the foyer of Hebden Bridge Town Hall on Fri 26 and again on Sat 27, both days from 10am to 1pm.  Please do call by!

Let us know what you think, help us make these exactly the homes that Hebden Bridge needs.

2023 – A new future for High Street, Hebden Bridge?

In 2019 the CVCLT proposed development on High Street was narrowly turned down at Planning Committee. It had attracted a lot of support, with the need for sustainable, affordable homes widely acknowledged. However, we also received a significant number of objections on areas such as air quality, cladding materials and the prominence of the scheme over the town.

We are now looking at a new, substantially different scheme, in partnership with Connect Housing. We are proposing low energy, low emissions homes that can bring people together, improve health, cohesion, and help reduce fuel poverty. A sensitive, considered development to provide much needed affordable, sustainable housing set within a green, ecologically diverse site. 

The scheme is expensive to build. We need to submit a scheme for planning consent in order to get decisions from funders.  This is not ideal, as it incurs a significant cost for the CLT and means that we cannot give certainty to our local community yet.  The simple truth is that without having planning permission we cannot get a decision on funding either way.

Additionally, inflation in the building market is very high, with prices and availability volatile. If we are ultimately successful in gaining planning consent, inflation may make the building these much needed homes unviable.

 We will consult with the town in November, with a view to submitting a scheme for planning in late December 2021.

Our new proposal

As before, a development of twenty sustainable homes to be let for affordable rent to Hebden Bridge people in housing need. This scheme is carefully designed to address the concerns that were levelled at the previous scheme, whilst still delivering spacious, healthy, environmentally sound, high quality homes. It would be:

 Set back into the land, less prominent and further from the traffic

We are proposing moving the terrace to the North (high) side of the lane, whereas the previous scheme was to the south.

 And closer to the town centre

The new design starts considerably further from the Heptonstall Road junction and the Fox and Goose.

     With a more varied and traditional design

    Featuring an attractive façade and using a variety of materials, including stone at lower levels

    Living on High Street
    Over dwellings on Back High St
    Entering the town -High St from Bridge Lane

    What are we proposing?

    The revised scheme is to the north of the High Street track, set back into the hillside. Some key points:

    • 20 homes giving a mix of 1,2 and 3 bedrooms.
    • 40 bedroom accommodating up to 66 people, over 1510sqm in total
    • High environmental, quality and space standards
    • A terrace of three slightly offset blocks, all four stories high.
    • The external design will be varied, featuring stone at ground floor level.
    • Over and Under dwellings. Flats and duplexes.
    • Ground floor access from a widened High St. Higher floors accessed from behind via a new ‘Back High Street’.
    • Lower levels smaller due to retaining structure. Ground floor and one second floor homes are back to earth.
    • All homes have private outside space through balconies or patios
    • Two dwellings designed with enhanced accessibility, to Building Regulations Part M4(2).
    • High levels of insulation and airtightness levels. No gas. Option for roof mounted PV panels.
    • Shading and mechanical ventilation included to manage overheating Bike shed and bin store included. 14 car parking spaces.

    What is different this time?

    • Same number of homes, but accommodates slightly less people in less bedrooms on a smaller footprint
    • Much less prominent; materially further from Bridge Lanes. On the North side of the track, and further to the East.
    • More visually varied elevation, addressing the concerns that the old design was too monolithic
    • More traditional build allows heavier materials to be used and a design that addresses previous heritage concerns on the appearance.
    • As before, a very sustainable site and a strong focus on quality, space and environmental performance.
    • Outside the Air quality Management Area and with a full air quality survey undertaken and appropriate counter measures designed.
    • Partnered with Connect Housing.
    • Keeps the lower green space intact allowing landscaping, addressing concerns about the visual amenity as you enter/exit Hebden.
    • The retaining wall under the road is much smaller and further from Bridge Lane, and will be planted.
    • Will require more excavation and groundworks on the site.
    • For reference, the previous scheme is still shown below.

    November 2021 Community Consultation Boards

    High Street Story
    High Street Site Proposals
    High St Landscape & Biodiversity
    2 Rethinking the Site Strategy
    Dwelling Layouts

    High Street Community Consultation November 2021 - Your Thoughts

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    2018 scheme and planning documents – High Street, Hebden Bridge

    However on Tuesday February 5 2019 Calderdale’s Planning Committee rejected our planning application, three councillors voting against and two voting in favour.  This was despite a comprehensive report from the planning officer which recommended permit.

    You can read the planner officer’s report to committee here.

    We decided not to appeal against the decision and instead went back to the (literal) drawing board to come up with a new option that addressed the concerns raised by the planning committee and as many objections as we could whilst still delivering high quality, sustainable and affordable homes for Hebden Bridge. We expect a new scheme will be designed by the end of 2021.

    You can find all the plans and documents for our original proposal at Calderdale’s planning portal. The full address is here: hportal.calderdale.gov.uk/online-applications/caseDetails.do?caseType=Application&keyVal=PCGOUHDWIOK00

    There’s a lot of documents there. You may find it interesting to look first at the ‘Design and Access’ statement, which is a good summary of the proposal.

    Here are some of the images from the previous planning application:

    Asking the town – our public consultations so far

    As a charity run entirely for community benefit, we tried to involve the community in our plans to ensure that the houses which are built are those which local people want to see.

    As well as the 2018 consultations, we held a consultation about our High Street plans in Hebden Bridge Town Hall in February 2016 and a second consultation in the Methodist Church hall on January 14th 2017. These consultations focused on what local people would like to see CVCLT develop on the site.

    In February 2017 we held an evening consultation with people who were interested in living in the proposed homFeb 2017 CVCLT public consultationes, and what they felt was important for the scheme to deliver. A sense of community and a lot of practical things, such as ‘where can I dry my tent’ or ‘park my bike’ together with a real interest in the outside space on the site where the main feedback points.

    We followed this up with another event in the Methodist Church Hall, very near the site, on March 25th 2018 where out architects, Bauman Lyons Associates, presented the development of the scheme so far and their first draft proposals. The slides from the presentation are here.  This was the early version of the scheme with 27 homes, which was reduced to 20 homes in the scheme submitted for planning permission.

    We held a final pre-planning consultation on Sat 21st April 2018 to present the scheme that we hoped to submit for planning after some final tweaks to respond to feedback.



    Looking back at the previous homes on High Street

    The possibility of bringing new life back to High Street, the site of housing cleared in the 1960s slum clearances, is something which we think symbolically reflects the way that Hebden Bridge has re-created itself after the terrible economic disasters of the 1960s and 1970s. High Street, now a small tarmacked lane, is off Heptonstall Road near the Fox and Goose pub.

    Of course, until the clearances of the mid ’60s High Street was a densely populated and highly developed part of Hebden Bridge. There were over 70 dwellings as well as shops and workshops on the site, as this map of the road layout in the early 60s shows. There are still residents of Hebden today who remember living on High Street.

    We have put together a booklet of old photographs showing High Street as it was in its heyday.

    The booklet can be downloaded from this website, by clicking on the link above.