Building homes for the future – together!

Calder Valley Community Land Trust believes that community-led efforts can help achieve the new homes we really need in our Valley.

We also believe that there are many people within our own community who have a little money available which they will be prepared to invest for social as well as financial return.

We have raised already £94,000 in community share capital from within our valley. Two small-scale ‘pioneer’ community share offers were run during 2019, and together they raised £69,000 from local individuals and £25,000 from a local charity. These investments, technically in the form of withdrawable share capital, currently pay 2%pa. Our thanks to all investors (particular thanks for those investors who have voluntarily opted for no, or lower, interest).

We are running a full community share issue this Autumn, linked to a new and exciting project we have been progressing in Todmorden. This share issue, which will be launched in October, has been awarded the Community Share Standard Mark (independently assessed quality mark).  Our share issue will be offering 2% return on your investment.  The share prospectus and full details will be available very shortly.

More about community shares 

There is a lot of information on how social investment is working to drive real improvements for communities across the UK at the 

You can find out more about what community shares are, here.

Register your interest now 

You can register your potential interest in the share issue now.  This is without obligation, but means that you will receive details of the launch event and will receive the share offer document when it is available.

You can register your interest by emailing us on Let us have your name, address and email address and we will do the rest.

Make a provisional pledge!

Email us on

You can paste the form below into your email, ticking the amount you expect to invest.

I anticipate at present that I will be interested in making an investment in the Community Share Issue of:

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£20,000 (Max)