What we do

Our Purpose…

Mission Statement

To work with the people of the Calder Valley to hold property and create sustainable and affordable homes in vibrant communities

Our Vision is to be widely recognised for our innovative, vibrant, community-led developments that meet local housing and social needs. The homes and community buildings that we own will be affordable, accessible and demonstrate best practice in both sustainable building and respect for local heritage.

Our Core Values are that the CVCLT is –

  • Sustainable– our projects will contribute to environmental, social and economic sustainability, with environmental sustainability underpinning everything.
  • Accountable– we demonstrate integrity and transparency and use evidence to measure the impact of what we do.   
  • Rooted in the Community – our projects help to build community and a sense of place through safeguarding community assets, empowering our tenants and membership and ensuring that developments are inclusive.  We aim to develop a broad, representative and active membership.


  • A Good Partner– we deliver projects with partners who share our values and help others to develop their own projects.   
  • Innovative– we aim to be an exemplar, raising the bar for social housing and delivering creative projects that catalyse new approaches to sustainable homes and communities. 

The CVCLT has agreed the following priorities –

  • To provide sustainable and affordable homes in the Upper Calder Valley for those in housing need 
  • To hold assets on behalf of the community 
  • To show innovation
  • To strengthen local communities 
  • To be financially stable and resilient 

We support the Rural Housing Alliance Pledge,  to:

  • Work closely with the local community and Parish Council to find the right site
  • Always give qualifying local people in housing need first priority for every home
  • Ensure that affordable homes always remain affordable
  • Build sensitively designed, high-quality homes to high environmental standards
  • Provide good quality and locally sensitive management services to our residents
  • Always respond positively to the local community

What is a CLT?

Housing is a real issue in this country, and the commercial housebuilders just can’t provide all the homes, and certainly not the affordable homes for rent that we need.  So CLTs are springing up everywhere as local people tackle their own, specific local housing issues.

But what is a CLT? The National CLT Network has produced this simple diagram and a great video explaining what CLTs do and why they are needed today.